We buy your pumps

We pay more than trade-in value for used concrete pumps.

What We Do

We’re in the business of buying and restoring used concrete pumps.

When you buy a new machine, the dealer may offer you a trade-in credit for your old one, but most of the time, they’re offering you less than what you could be getting for it!

We will buy your used concrete pumps, pay more than the trade-in value, and take it away ourselves.

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About Us

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Over the past couple of years we’ve become fascinated with the markets of used heavy machinery, particularly concrete boom pumps. Used heavy machinery in the United States and Canada is valuable, however, a lot of that might be of even more value elsewhere.

Our sister company is located and operates near the Mexico/USA International Border. We’ve cultivated unique international relationships and opportunities including in the Caribbean and in Central and South America. Finding concrete boom pumps that some might otherwise not find useful or valuable, bringing them back to life, and finding a home for them abroad is our specialty. Creating value is our mission.

We love what we do and pride ourselves having integrity every step of the process. We travel all over the United States and Canada meeting with business owners and operators of all sizes and finding solutions. We are always interested in buying concrete boom pumps and other heavy machinery in any worthy conditions.

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